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Discover the sleep you've been dreaming of.

At every point in life, the mattress gives us a break and helps us feel better.

Dolce Vita Dual 10

Also available in 8″

One mattress, 4 different comfort levels.

The different combinations of layers in Memoform and Eliosoft guarantee different comfort levels that can be easily combined by removing the cover and choosing the preferred solution.  Snug, anatomical Memoform avoids pressure points and stimulates blood circulation. The cover, made of soft viscose and temperature-regulating Outlast®, which absorbs excess heat and releases it when needed has obtained the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification. Medium-Soft/Medium-Firm comfort.


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Wrapped in comfort, our mattress embraces every curve of your dreams


MagniCool 10 Soft

Available in Soft and Firm
To keep the mind and body cool.

The innovative and exclusive MagniCool cover fabric offers unparalleled freshness and also promotes air circulation, creating a perfect microclimate between the body and the mattress.

The combination of the Aquabreeze and Eliosoft layers offers gentle, cozy support. Soft comfort. Soft comfort.

MagniStretch Sport 9​

The mattress that favors stretching of the spine.

The chequered and stretching construction ensures differentiated zone support and stretching of the spine, in addition to ventilation in the core of the layer. The two Elioform and Eliosoft layers provide optimum support. The covering is in soft viscose. Medium-firm comfort.


Rolled mattresses

rolled mattress prioritize eco-friendly materials and production methods, reducing environmental impact.

Classico Magnifico

The Magnifico Collection embodies all the know-how of traditional craftsmanship, combined with the latest and most innovative technologies. It is divided into two categories:

Our classic Maestro combines the finest raw materials found in nature with the latest and most high-performance modern materials.

The Audace range of products has a modern appeal, the ultimate in technology, avant-garde design, and the utmost comfort.


The mattresses in the Classico range are based on a selection of our established comfort solutions, which have over the years helped millions of people to get a good night's rest. The materials they are made of guarantee proper support and maximum durability.

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